A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A room with an undefined shape try to crush your soul, run, jump, and use the power of light to escape this nightmare in this short 2D platformer.

Ludum Dare page

Made by Ezekiel Koening, Ylmir and me, Sekamelica, for the Ludum Dare #37: Theme: One Room.

Game Design: Ezekiel Koening, Sekamelica, Ylmir

Art & Animation: Ezekiel Koening

Music & Sound Design: Ylmir

Coding & Level Design: Sekamelica

Dev notes (Sekamelica):

My first Ludum Dare ! I got surprised with the time, so the second part is really fast, and we have gameplay mechanics that works but are not in the game or not exploited :v.


TheNightmareRoom_v1_01lagfix_Windows.zip 15 MB
TheNightmareRoom_v1_01lagfix_Linux.zip 18 MB
TheNightmareRoom_v1_01lagfix_MacOSX.zip 18 MB