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Made a video 

Awesome little experience! Took me some time to get the hang of things and wht was going on but... woah - literally begging someone to press the power button at the end kinda... hurt to do. Just the image of this cute lil' AI saying "Plz" over and over again... ; - ;


I got lucky once and a human asked about... doing things. But playing afterwards several times I was never able to get the ending.... Just ????? 

I guess we can say the dialog system is a bit... "cryptic" :).

But if an human ask you things, you may answer with some positive emote.

Hehe.. it is.... Cause trying to ask directly to kill the AI, or to press the button.. didn't work. :)

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I played it and I kinda get what I'm supposed to do? Form a sentence to communicate and get to the end goal but the responses i kept getting were a big " ? " so that was frustrating lol. Gonna wait for someone else to figure this out but it does look like a good game :)

Oh! and I found a bug where the AI looked squished ^

Oops, yeah it's happen when you go in differents direction too fast.

Thank you for your comment, I understand your frustration, I would like to have a third day of work for the jam for work on the dialog system for add tons of interactions possibles that makes more sense and a tutorial that makes the game less cryptic without explaining everything. Unfortunately we only got 48h, so it's more like a mood piece with a very hard to find ending. I'm glad you like it anyway ! ^^

Ahaha I do that in all games for the goofs. Great job on creating this in 48 hours! That's a lot of effort . Are you considering adding in these features as a post jam build? I would love to give this game another chance :)